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Bandhini Home Welcome to our online store !

About Us

What We Do

We are a Design House - creating Luxury Home Furnishings made of authentic designs and a distinct design language.

Our products include a wide collection of Decorative Cushions, Bed Spreads, Bed Sashes, Throws and Accesories. We design our products in Collections, so that you can select from a curated group of products that feature a consistent design language. For the curator who enjoys putting together a custom ensemble, you can easily browse across collections and create your own custom look from our selection of colors, styles and textures.

A Design House At Heart

At Bandhini Home, design takes centrestage. We are inspired by the diverse cultures around the world. This is what fires our imagination.

We mine world cultures, looking for inspiration and a story to tell. We take these bits of history and the present, and throw them onto our moodboards. Then on a clean slate, we put together inspiration with our design vision, and come up with modern designs that have a strong backstory that is traceable to cultures around the world.

The People Behind The Brand

Bandhini Home is a family business that was founded in 1980. To read more about our detailed history, read up our Throwback page here.

Today, the brand is being taken forward by brothers Sharan and Karan Narain as second generation entrepreneurs.

Sharan is focused on taking Bandhini Home into the digital space and making it a truly accesible brand across digital media platforms. Bandhini Home currently has a global webstore that ships to 150+ countries, and a presence on Facebook with a growing community engaging with the brand. Sharan also brings a background of Private Banking where he spent six years at the Indian finance house Religare, and naturally transfers his know how from the corporate world in day to day activities where applicable.

Karan enjoyed a stint with the Real Estate corporate Colliers, before deciding to join the family business. Karan is focused on design and bringing in fresh perspectives into the design process. Being a supporter of Cottage Industry, Bandhini Home would be incomplete without its skilled craftspeople who contribute irreplacable quality of hand crafting in our products. We count them as a key pillar in our team and in our value system of Preservation Through Modern Expression.


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