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Dress It Up! Give your Bedroom

Dress It Up! Give your Bedroom 'The Look'

We all love going to luxury hotel rooms because of the beautiful bed settings that pamper you with their soft cushions and crisp sheets. This is how to make your own bed setting feel like a hotel. Cushions are the mainstay when it comes to dressing your bedroom. Your bed should look ‘very full and complete’.

Create a Base

Create a Base

Start with 2 large “Euro” cushions (62.5CM x62.5cm) to create an upright and proud base that stands parallel to the headboard.

The Main Body

The Main Body

Use at least 4 large sized cushions (either 45cm x 45cm or 52cm x 52cm) to give wholesomeness to the look for your bed.

Decorative Pieces

Decorative Pieces

Add bolsters (35cm x 52cm) and small cushions (30cm x 30cm). Use these to accessorize your collection with a pop of color.

The Phulkari Black Collection

'The Look' - feat. The Phulkari Black Collection

Bandhini Home Collections are designed as stories. Each Collection has a mix of styles and contrasts that include solids, embroidered and embellished cushions across sizes. A whole collection is designed to cater to the dual requirements of comfort and style.

All Bandhini Home Collections carry strong cultural or historical referencing which is a key ingredient for design longevity. All our designs and Collections carry a distinct theme and story. It makes the experience of owning and enjoying luxury home products so much more fulfilling. Your bedroon too, should have a story to tell - Its Your Story!

We recommend identifying a Collection from our diverse range, and then picking a total of 7-10 cushions in various sizes from that Collection. This will give a distinct flavor and theme to your living area. You can of course select assorted styles to further individualise your bedroom to your taste.

Start building ‘The Look’ for your bedroom & living areas now.


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